Broto Roy performs with the Dallas Opera at Winspear Hall, Dallas, Texas - 5/4/17

Broto Roy Quartet at Penn State University 4-6-17

Elmira College, Indro Roy Chowdhury, sitar & Broto Roy, tabla
Montpelier Mansion Jazz Series

Broto Roy Band - festival footage

Broto's Sextet performs his composition "Eleven"
at the Kennedy Center
B. with The Humayun Khan Ensemble at Montgomery College
National Sawdust Hall, Brooklyn, NY 3/12/17

Broto with acclaimed sitarist Debi Prasad Chatterjee. Festival performance excerpt.
Excerpt of Broto and S. Mishra performing the Indian raga
"Bageshree" in a sitar and tabla duet at the Metropolitan
Museum of Art, New York City, with Broto's family group "Ganga"
BR recites some tabla compositions in this Thanksgiving Day holiday clip of Ray Speigel's "Love of a Goddess" in raga Jhinjhoti with solo sitar by Indro R. Chowdhury.
The Broto Roy Ensemble with Paul Bollenback, guitar; Carl Grubbs, sax; Bill Kemp, bass; Mike Smith, drums.
Broto Roy Ensemble at the Freer Gallery's Meyer Auditorium at the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC. Paul Bollenback, guitar; Scott Ambush, bass; Mike Smith, drums and Saleem Waters, percussion. Part 1
Freer Gallery Part 2
Freer Gallery Part 3
Freer Gallery Part 4
BR Band Live in Boston with Paul Bollenback, guitar; Billy Kemp, bass; Harvey, drums; John K., keys; Humayun Khan, harmonium & vocals.
Sextet Broto Roy Sextet, Kennedy Center, DC
Mukti Broto's Percussion Ensemble, Kennedy Center, DC
students Broto Roy Ensemble, Kennedy Center, DC
With his students performing  Tabla Concerto scored for 'teental' (16 beats)
At Blues Alley with Sanjay Mishra (Jerry Garcia).
Broto with Sanjay Mishra, guitar, Tony Moreno, bass at the 3Gs Garcia Festival, Wisconsin USA
The Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Morocco and Broto with the Humayun Khan ensemble live in Morocco. Enjoy Raga Bihag; Indian trance-fusion.
Festival Musiques du Monde d'Essaouira - Morocco
Broto with Sanjay Mishra, guitar. Washington DC Jazz Festival
Raga - Humayun Khan, vocals; Broto Roy, tabla. Excerpts of concert. Part 1
Broto's family group with his father Bachoo Roy, mother Minati Roy, sister Krishna Roy with Sanjay Mishra, sitar. Read concert Notes on GANGA
with Indrajit Roy Chowdhury performing at the 2010 Smithsonian American Folklife Festival
Broto with sarod virtuoso Aashish Khan and S. Dhar on violin. Live in Boston. Improvisation on the Irish tune "Greensleeves".
Broto with '05 Grammy nominee Gaurav Mazumdar (sitar) Washington, DC. Raga Charukeshi, Part 1   Part 2   Part 3
StMarys B. accompanying Subroto Roy Chowdhury, St. Mary's College, Maryland USA
Debi Broto accompanying Debiprasad Chatterjee (sitar). Live at the Lowell Folk Music Festival. Part 1 of Raga Basant Mukhari. Part 2 of Raga Basant Mukhari.
Bageshri. with Subroto Roy Chowdhury sitar

"Whenever I Think of Love" - Lyrics by John Bell to evoke the '60s & '70s. Taped in analog. Tour travel video.
br Broto Roy Tabla Solo & Oral Recitation at Sussex College, NJ followed by Raga Kirwani from South India and an encore piece.
Excerpt from tabla solo in the ancient South Indian rhythm cycle of 8 beats called "Adi tala" during a recital with sitarist Indro Roy Chowdhury at Elmira College, NY USA.
B. with sitar maestro Subroto Roy Chowdhury and his student Indro Roy Chowdhury. Live at St. Mary's College. Maryland, USA. Raga Maru Bihag Part 1    Part 2
Raga Bhopali John W with Broto Roy. Live
Broto Roy's Indian Dance Trio with dancer Yasmina & Christel, harmonium The Kennedy Center
Broto Roy's Music & Dance of Afghanistan. Syracuse University
"GANGA" Excerpts of concert "Spotlight by Starlight", Virginia, USA. With Broto's father Hitabrata Roy, sister Krishna, Sanjay Mishra, guitar, and Jayantee Paine, dancer. Part 1. Part 2.

CNN and NBC coverage of Broto's composition "Let Us Fly"
Broto's TV Interview - Part 1. Washington DC tri-state cable network MHZ Darshan TV Part 2.
Broto with the Bangladeshi Bauls
Broto the amazing zelig has a drum dialogue (in a 16-beat cycle kept by the "sarangi" - (Indian violin) with Gazi Khan Barana, a Manganiyar castanet player from Rajasthan India. Part 1
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