"Original." "fascinating interplay." "Indian music meets western Jazz." World Music Central - 1/19/19
"Always refreshing, tablas and the glee of ragas in jazz." - 8/15/18 - ALL ABOUT JAZZ
"spiritual and visceral" - Mike Joyce, The Washington Post
"seamlessly mingles traditional Indian vocal and instrumental idioms with jazz, alternatively tautly rhythmic and dreamily improvisational." - Dallas Morning News, 5/6/17
"… (American Raga)..is trance-inducing, jazzy & intricate and the energy level is surprisingly high. Fans of uncompromising fusion, sophisticated percussion or fiery jazz guitar will not be disappointed." - Ed Kopp - All About Jazz
"Broto Roy brilliantly exemplifies multicultural diversity and has popularized the rich musical culture of South Asia with his many recordings and performances." - Maryland State Arts Council
"Master musician." "Voice of pure honey, you can't buy it with money." - Times of India
"Concert mythique et magique." - EuroNews
"Awesome!" - CNN
"The Titan of Tabla"; Old Town Crier, Alexandria, Virginia
"fusioneering" "Imposing pedigree." "Solo success" - The Gazette Maryland
"Spiritual and visceral" - Mike Joyce The Washington Post
"Heartbeats, a collaborative work conceived by Christopher Janney, choreographed and danced by Sarah Rudner" "Broto Roy accompanies on tabla, replicating her electronically rendered heartbeats on the drums. " - The Washington Post
"The best of Asian-Pacific American traditions." "Enriched the range of artistic and cultural themes." "The young South Asian percussionist Broto Roy, an accomplished navigator of a range of multi-directional pathways between East and West - not only to a new range of aesthetic references, but also to new instruments and performance styles as well. After appearing in America, Europe and India with the folk group Ganga, with major classical Indian musicians and with the jazz-based East-West Ensemble, Roy continues exploring new rhythmic embellishments and ideas." - The Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC
"Warmth and drive" - Down Beat
"Rhythm section virtuosity...unique Indian percussion" - Classical Guitar Magazine, London England
"In fact, every track is well arranged and the overall impact is great." The Statesman (India)
"Each song celebrates a unique emotion worth remembering for its melodies." - Calcutta Mirror
"Languid and celestial." - Washington City Paper, Washington, DC