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"Master musician. Voice of pure honey." - Times of India sitar tabla sarod "Heartfelt and passionate",  "Spirtual and visceral", "aural massage"
- The Washington Post

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Flute with Tabla Duet
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Music of Afghanistan
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Duet - Sitar & Tabla Video at the Kennedy Center

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Duet Photos

Live music for events
Educational workshops on Indian culture & music
Local area Indian-American musicians
Serving the DC, MD VA communities for the last 3 decades
Contracts provided
Light amplification available
Minimal space required
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In India, music pervades the entire life of man. Traditionally, ploughmen and boatmen have celebrated the rhythms in nature as they added harmony to their labor. Since the Vedic chants of 1,500 B.C., this tradition has been refined as it was handed down, and crystallized into a system of Ragas and Rhythms. The raga is a melody mould, with a distinct mood, characterizing seasons, hours of the day and archetypes human and divine. Indian rhythm is cyclical: it is based in repetition, but each repetition is varied ingeniously. The duo employs these elements to improvise in a complex interplay.

Performances: The Smithsonian, The Kennedy Center, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Essouira, Morocco Music Festival, Stockholm, Berlin and many more
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